Saturday, May 30, 2009

33 - Nerve supply of the Tongue

Motor supply :

All the intrinsic muscles, except the palatoglossus are supplied by the hypoglossal nerve. the palatoglossus is supplied by the cranial part of accessory nerve through the pharyngeal plexus .

Sensory supply :

Anterior 2/3rd of the tongue - lingual nerve is the nerve of general sensation and the chordatympani is the nerve of taste for the anterior two-thirds of the tongue .

Posterior 2/3rd of tongue - the glossopharyngeal nerve is the nerve for both general sensation and taste sensation for the posterior 1/3rd of the tongue .

The posterior most part of the tongue is supplied by the vagus nerve through the internal laryngeal branch .


Anonymous said...

Above you said all the intrinsic muscles of the tongue are supplied by the hypoglossal nerve. I think you mean extrinsic muscles.

PGAspirant said...

Typo error- anterior 2/3 as well as posterior 2/3. Needs rectification.

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