Friday, March 17, 2017

72 - Squamous suture aka Squamosal suture

Like any suture of the skull which joins two bones, this squamous suture; sometimes also called as the squamosal suture joins the parietal bone to the temporal bone (the temporal bone has two parts - the petrosal part and the squamous part - this suture joins the squamous part of the temporal bone to the parietal bone).

                                             It is oriented horizontally and extends posteriorly from the pterion (Pterion is the region as indicated in the figure above, that is the meeting point of the frontal, parietal, temporal and sphenoid bones). The suture continues posteriorly as the petromastoid suture.

                                                       Some consider the posterior part the squamous suture as a separate suture called additamentum posterius suturae squamosae because of its serrated appearances in most of the humans. 

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